Welcome to my brand new blogging site. This is a space I have created to share my inspirations, processes and outcomes as they appear on the horizon.

Two years ago I made a commitment to shift my practice to a more sustainable space and I have been working hard ever since on that journey. I want my work to illustrate the processes that can be adopted to make art more sustainable by treading lightly on the planet. As a textile artist I am acutely aware of the waste generated by the textile industry so I decided to use some of this waste in my work. I am also aware of the harmful chemicals often used in the production of textiles so I shifted my practice away from these processes. As a vegetarian (update, now vegan) I am also committed to animal welfare so I have distanced myself from harmful and destructive textile making such as silk fabric. I am constantly testing and re-evaluating what I do to ensure that I am not adding to the destruction of our beautiful planet. This is a journey without a final destination as there is truly so much more I could do.

As an artist I am constantly preoccupied with a sense of place and space and how these constructions shape identity. I live on the beautiful Isle of Arran off the west coast of Scotland. This is a very precious place with breathtakingly beautiful and precious landscapes. Part of my work is as a translator as I interrogate the landscapes to share with the wider world. But the other part is about understanding how these places and spaces shape us. I feel privileged to bear witness to and create from such important places on our stunning planet.

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